Our Story

Honest and short story

It all started at the end of the summer of 2019 when we had both quit our jobs and were brainstorming about problems we faced. A lot was discussed but, we were just sure about one thing: traveling solves (almost) everything.

We then began to explore what were the few things that could be better while traveling and the million-dollar question came up: what is the best souvenir of a trip? We didn’t know the answer to this question yet but, our shared love for sneakers built the route for the creation of Shoevenir – the sneakers inspired by places and the memories behind them.

Our biggest challenge was not only to design something that fulfills the purpose of reviving memories but that also looks great and comfortable on your feet. Little did we know about a bigger challenge ahead of us, the lack of social responsibility in the fashion industry. We felt like we also had to be part of the change, so we took a position against the wasteful practice’s characteristic of the industry.

The pandemic made us even more aware of the importance of traveling in our lives. The new places to visit, the people to meet, the routes to take, and the monuments to be enchanted by. We hope we can come back to normality, step by step, with shoevenirs on our feet.

Thank you for believing in us and in yourself!
Gonçalo and Miguel