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Inspired by the scenic coast, the traditional architecture, and the desert landscape. Our Dubai sneakers transport you to a truly unique city that constantly amazes you.

We strongly recommend picking one size smaller than your usual size.


Sustainable Materials

The Shoevenir uses 100% recyclable synthetic rubber, vegan leather, recycled cork, and recycled polyester.

Be the change towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle through our vegan & sustainable sneakers.

Shipping & Returns

We do free returns & change of sizes.

24h-48h Shipping to Portugal, Spain and the UAE

48-72h Shipping to other EU countries

5-7 Business Days Shipping to other International countries


Please check our Size Chart above.

Care & Info

The Shoevenirs should not be washed in the washing machine under any circumstance. Such washing could affect its performance, appearance, and durability.

To clean your Shoevenirs, brush them lightly to remove all dust. Note that the dirt must be dry to make cleaning easier. After brushing, use a damp cloth or a soft toothbrush to clean the remaining dirt and stains. In the cleaning process of your sneakers, it is important to bear in mind that you should not wet the fabric too much.

Cleaning the soles of your shoes: The soles should be cleaned using a cloth soaked with a neutral detergent. Once the soles are well wet, you should clean them with a cloth or a soft toothbrush. After removing the dirt, dry the soles with a dry cloth. During the process, keep in mind that you should not get the top of the sneakers wet.
Made in: Portugal

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Why Dubai?

Dubai is a city that constantly strives to lead the way. A growing supporter of sustainability, Dubai has the 2040 vision to be the most liveable city. Every little change in our lifestyles will help to make this goal a reality. Why not start with our sneakers? One step at a time.

Artist & Illustration

This beautiful representation of the city comes from the incredible Tarsila Schubert, a prominent artist in Dubai’s street art movement over the past decade. The illustration brings vibrant colors to combine the old and new aspects of the city.

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Shoevenir x Tarsila Schubert


With 100% Portuguese production, we guarantee that all suppliers and components comply with the ethical standards of a fair society. We do not want to contribute to a precarious labour market where the low cost of production is valued to the maximum.

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Packaging & Postcard

We use 100% recycled boxes and paper manufactured in Portugal with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In addition, the box also comes with a postcard created by a super talented artist that teleports you to an amazing place. Have you ever sent a postcard to someone special? No? Maybe it's time to do it!

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